Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weekly round up : The Good, The Bad and The Whinging

I have a bit of a confession to make. I'm not really hitting my planned weekly mileage at the moment. I should have been hitting between 23 and 28 miles a week in the past month but a few bad runs plus skipping the warm up miles when doing intervals in the gym have left me shy of 2-4 miles a week. This can't continue. I'm also struggling to reconcile the need to get the miles in so I can cover the distance at my next marathon and the desire to train for speed so I can break a couple of PBs along the way. It's a constant mental battle which I possibly wouldn't have if I wasn't cycling and swimming as well. But I'm consistently running sub-hour 10ks now which is a huge achievement and something I struggled with for a long time. I ran my first at the Yateley 10k in August 2010 but then never again until this year. I've run 4 in a row and that is excellent and I still have time to build up my long runs. Someone keep reminding me please?

Sorry, that's my whinge for the week. I need a good kick or a slap and a reminder of the amazing things I have achieved, to quell the little voice at the back of my mind that says I'm heading for failure.

All in all it has been a good week. I did a session in the gym on Monday, working on upper body strength and completing a 45 minute bike session. I attempted intervals as well but didn't have it in me so I did them Tuesday evening instead (skipping the warm up miles - bad Vikki). Tuesday morning I swam 650m, alternating 4 lengths breaststroke with 6 lengths front crawl. Yes my technique could be a LOT better I'm sure but the distance isn't a problem and I'm improving my stamina all the time.

Wednesday was meant to be an 8 miles day but I ran the Yateley 10k and didn't push myself to go out and do another 2 miles afterwards (this is how I lose the miles). Rest day on Thursday (hurrah!) and a conditioning PT session after work on Friday with some good increases on weight. On Saturday morning I went out and ran a really GREAT 13 miles (hurrah!). What a difference to last week when 10 was a struggle. But I am still going to try to organise a few more runs with people for some of these longer runs.

Next week is going to be killer as the weekend is taken up with birthday celebrations (another hurrah!) so it's all squished into the work week but I WILL prevail! Rargh! Hear me roar.

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