Friday, 16 August 2013

Will Work Out For Cake

No events this week! Seems I've had a run of weeks where I've had races but there's a short break until The Madness of September as it shall be known.

Started off Monday with a 750m swim. It went well enough but I felt really off for the rest of the day (couldn't finish my customary latte) and ended up taking a half day off work and sleeping on the sofa in front of a film (A Room With A View if you must know). I scrounged enough energy together to coached a friend through a weights session which was actually really fun and I'm looking forward to it becoming a regular thing.
A young Maggie Smith and Judy Dench
I had a highly frustrating day at work on Tuesday so hit the gym hard in the evening with an intervals session and 45 minutes on the bike whilst watching the athletics. I was back in the gym at 7:30 the next morning for my PT session; never has an hour felt so long but I felt good for the rest of the day. I'm finding certain upper body weights pretty hard at the moment (shoulders and chest presses) but my legs and core are probably the strongest they've ever been and there's real definition in my thighs now.. that's new! Most people would have called it a day there but no, I had 7 miles to go out and run in the evening and on Thursday evening I somehow managed 16 miles on already very achey legs. I really didn't think I would manage it, and the second half got progressively harder but it's done and now I can enjoy a weekend of cake and wine.

I'm hoping for one of these!
You see I had to pack all my training in before the weekend so that I could relax and enjoy my birthday celebrations. I'll have a house full of people from Friday evening onwards and not only would it be rude of me to abandon them to run (I did wonder if I got up *really* early...) I know the majority would sit on me rather than let me do such a thing. I am really looking forward to spending time with my favourite people just hanging out, having a giggle and eating cake.

Next week is possibly even more frantic as I'm off to France on Thursday morning for a long weekend and although I will be taking my trainers and my study notes I am not anticipating getting any decent runs in. Maybe a few miles just to keep the legs ticking over.

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