Friday, 14 March 2014

Another Week, Another Deficiency

I know a few of you are interested in my health saga and how I’m coping/improving as a runner so here’s the next instalment. Although I’m no longer anaemic (huzzah) and I was given a B12 jab, more blood tests were requested to see whether there was anything else contributing to my symptoms. This set was testing for indicating factors, thyroid and vitamin D levels. The only flag was against vitamin D to show that I’m deficient.

Apparently this is very common, especially at this time of year amongst people who are office workers and vegetarians. Vitamin D is found in fish oils, eggs, fortified milk and cereals, beef liver and cheese but it’s very hard to get sufficient amounts from food so getting sunlight is key. Severe symptoms include rickets but general tiredness, vague aches and pains and a general sense of not being well are the more common symptoms. A level of 5nmol/L to 200 nmol/L is considered adequate for healthy people and I'm at about 29 nmol/L. It just so happens that there was an article about this very thing in Women's Running this month. Taking supplements should see me right, even my doctor takes them so I have faith, but rather than the vitamins you can get off the shelf I've been prescribed super-duper strength ones to get me back on track quickly. I’m still on the iron tablets and I've also been recommended B12 supplements rather than the injections going forwards so I’m nigh on rattling these days!

I’m feeling better this week than I have done for quite a while, despite a hard week at work, late nights and a very full weekend. A few weeks ago that would have wiped me out for a day or two but I’m craving exercise and keen as mustard to sign up to more events. Sunday's half marathon was a good measure of my ability at the moment and I can now see how I can progress from a comfortable 10k to the longer, tougher events at the end of the year. I’ve held back from entering a half marathon in a fortnight’s time, based on how I felt after the Surrey Half, but I have entered a 10k distance instead to start me on the journey and I had an amazing run with new housemate Anita-the-Crazy this week which got me buzzing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the gym!

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