Monday, 24 March 2014

Pro-10 Soy Protein Powder

I write quite a lot about protein because it’s something I’m always trying to get more of in my diet. I’ve yet to build a proper habit with taking shakes or using powders in other ways so writing about it is part of my voyage of discovery.

A few months ago I got sent some strawberry flavour soy protein from Pro-10 to try. All the protein powders I’d tried up until then were whey so it was good to be offered the opportunity to try something a little different. I put off trying it for ages. I had fun flavours from other brands, I was getting into protein porridge and strawberry just seemed a bit… dull.

My first experience with it was blending it with frozen banana and milk to make a smoothie for breakfast. It was really tasty and a great consistency but I wasn’t blown away by it; it was the same consistency as I’d expect from any smoothie really.

My second experience was of mixing it with skimmed milk in a shaker bottle for a post weights snack on a day I was being “good” about these things. I was blown away. Most of my other shakes tend to be quite thin, sometimes slightly powdery or gritty, although tasty but this was so smooth and even when mixed with 200ml of milk (the higher end of the usual suggested range) it was really smooth and thick and actually reminded me of strawberry Angel Delight before it’s set properly… which gave me the idea that if I used slightly less milk and chilled it, I'd have a filling version of Angel Delight, and you know what? It worked!
1 scoop strawberry soy with 150ml skimmed milk
As a drink it was so satisfying that I could have gone without dinner afterwards. I’ve never felt satisfied after protein shakes before, unless mixed with additional fruits, oats and so on, so I would definitely use this as a snack and not just for recovery. As such it would definitely help me with fat/weight loss. I’m not sure if it’s due to it being soy and not whey, some change in the powder consistency or something else.

Looking back at my comparison chart this is low fat and at the top end of the chart for cals, protein and carbs but as I said before, it depends what your goals are as to whether those stats are good or bad. I’m inclined to rate it above TheProteinWorks (and you know I'm a fan of theirs) but below MyProtein. It’s a pity it only comes in plain or strawberry at the moment, as does their whey protein. I’d love a chocolate or butterscotch one for the true Angel Delight experience. Until then I think this will be my “snack” protein of choice and the others will be relegated to recovery/ingredient status.

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