Friday, 7 March 2014

Mania, Anaemia and Academia

Aaaaand relax…. phew what a week it's been. I knew last week that I'd be up to my eyes in it so I'd managed to get a few blog posts written and scheduled in advance, hope you don't mind, so it feels as though I've been a bit quiet around here lately. I've certainly been quiet on twitter… what's everyone been up to?

Although last weekend felt fairly quiet I took the opportunity to catch up on some study. I'm in the middle of the Advanced Resistance Training e-learning course for my diploma and just about up to date, but I'm also studying another course through FutureLearn which is a great, free resource for short courses run by actual Universities, a bit like studying with the OU but free. You can pay to take exams and get credit and certificates but I don't think I'll be doing that at this stage. I did one before called The Mind Is Flat run by the University of Warwick and I'm now doing one called The Secret Power of Brands run by the University of East Anglia which I thought would be compliment my PT studies. The e-learning part of my Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching course opened up on Monday but I've not had a chance to look at it yet. I'm just glad I'm ahead with the Advance Anatomy & Physiology module! To further boost me I found out this week that I'd passed my Nutrition for Weight Management module so yay! 

My work week has been mental; early starts, late finishes and no time to think in-between. I've been at an office 45 minutes away rather than my usual 10 minute commute so it's meant I've had less time in the evening to do all my usual stuff and I've been a lot more tired. More of the same next week but it's only short term.

Speaking of tiredness, I had a review with the doctor this week regarding my recent blood tests and it turns out I'm not longer technically anaemic. That's sort of good but none of the symptoms I've had have abated so I'm still going to take the iron tablets and I've had ANOTHER round of blood tests this week to look at other indicating factors for other illnesses. However, he finally relented and gave me a B12 injection. I was prescribed these about a decade ago and a lot of my symptoms came on when I was denied them after a blood test showed a spike in my levels. I only had it this morning so it'll be interesting to see if it helps my energy levels and recover rate after the Surrey half marathon on Sunday.
Evidence of my B12 injection
I forced myself down the gym twice this week, which did seem to help pep me up and clear my mind a bit. I have to confess I threw a bit of a hissy fit on Monday. In the studio we have two types of weights and bars for Body Pump. One set of weights fits both bars and by the time I got to Body Pump there weren't any bars left to fit the weights that were left so I wasn't able to do the class. I wrote a comment about "educating people" on a feedback form and flounced off to the gym to glower at people whilst doing pull ups. My Body Combat class got cancelled too which was a really pity so another gym session it was. Hey ho.

What's REALLY cheering my up this week is that I suddenly find myself with a housemate! Anita-the-Crazy has moved in for the month and I'm so thrilled. She's super gym-crazy at the moment but also has a penchant for wine and chocolate so time will tell if she'll be a bad influence or not. We're breaking open a bottle of fizz later though so I guess that might be my answer…

So that's me… how's life treating you at the moment?

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