Monday, 2 June 2014

One Slow Step For A Man

Hullo! I'm back in the UK (just) after a fantastic holiday with my dad. 

We did a lot of walking, as we always do when we're anywhere together. On family holidays he will get restless, and while I was happy to sit in the sun with a book for a day or two, after a while I would get curious and restless too and join dad on these strolls, even if they were just up and down the beach. There were shells to find, shops to explore, restaurants to suss out. It's a brilliant way to explore and dad has a fantastic capacity for walking, despite his self-confessed dislike of any sort of exercise (he laughed long and hard when I suggested he might consider being my case study client) and predisposition to blisters and sunburn (sometimes both together... that holiday involved an ambulance).  

Before the holiday he had started to take himself off to the local park for a stroll a couple of times a week, sometimes with my mum, who would run a few circuits while he walked. In the week before we left, we had this exchange over text message while he was out on his walk and I just wanted to share it with you...

Dad: I'm here, but where are the rest?
Me: And you say you've no interest in activity... You'll be on that start line with a barcode soon
Dad: I'm going solo . . . . ah the loneliness of the short distance walker!
Me: On small step for man... followed by another...
Dad: . . . yes, another exploit in our pace exploration programme!

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