Friday, 6 June 2014

Post Holiday Running Surprises

After two weeks of touring the Mississippi Delta, listening to lots of music, eating All The Food In America and not managing quite as much exercise as I'd hoped, I returned to the UK feeling sluggish, doughy and in need of fresh vegetables. Having the majority of meal times and locations dictated to me resulted in vast over eating and I drank more alcohol in those two weeks than probably the previous six months combined. Five days later and I'm already feeling more like myself although a craving for peanut butter ANYTHING lingers on.

What was worrying me most, post-holiday, was that on Wednesday evening I had the first of this year's Yateley 10k series in the calendar. I hadn't planned on doing any of them this year but made a concession as Anita wanted to run a couple of races together (we're doing Dinton Pastures in July). I was worried that I'd not be able to run the distance, certainly not comfortably, and that I'd let Anita down. We'd neither of us run 10k for a while though, and she'd slacked off the running altogether since I was away, citing lack of motivation without me - bless!

We decided that we'd just run for fun, not for time, we'd stick together, and use Dinton as our PB attempt next month. So under prepared, over fed and gadget-less we joined the start line under a sky filled with pitch black clouds. We hadn't been expecting rain so we just crossed our fingers and hoped. While there were reports of hail just a few miles away, and sightings of lightening, we only got showered on for the first 3-4k, which turned out to be mildly refreshing.
Anticipating heavy rains
The course doesn't change from year to year so we knew the bits we liked and the parts that were harder. We quickly settled into our grooves, Anita always slightly in front, me breathing through stitches and catching myself rounding my shoulders as I started to tire in the second half. We even managed some chat and I ran the final hill without stopping for the first time ever. Anita is always so encouraging. She'll tell me I'm doing great when I'm knackered and somehow it never sounds patronising coming from her. We run really well together even though I usually feel I'm holding her back a little.
Mnemonic numbers
Against all the odds we crossed the line in 58:33, a new PB for me and a lot faster than we thought we'd be, given we were running comfortably. It's given me a fresh burst of confidence after my holiday.
Pleased to be finished, and looking forward to a hot shower
Yateley does a number of things very well which is reflected in it's attendance records. Firstly, they have great marshaling and water stops, they will text you your times just minutes after you cross the line, and they always have fantastic medals. For me, it's also a good chance to spot familiar faces. I bumped into Susie Chan of my former running club, a MdS finisher and all round superstar. I saw Donald, an old chap in high waisted shorts who seems to enter every local race going and there was a good smattering of Farnham Runners and parkrunners I recognised.
Yateley comes up trumps with the medal again
I'm starting a new training plan in July when, sadly, I also lose Anita as a housemate. I've no doubt we'll still try to run together but I don't expect it will happen quite so often outside of the races we have planned. Until then though, I'm looking forward to trying out a few new classes such as Metafit and Hot Yoga, and maybe even getting back on the running track or out into the woods for some hill and trail running. I can't wait!

Are there some people you run especially well with? Are there people you can't stand running with?


  1. New PB!! Woo woo!! Well done - and love the medal!

    Yes! I loved running with my friends Anna and Sarah in Yorskhire recently but I simply can't run with my husband. He's been running for about 10 years but moans and whines about stiches, mud and blisters the WHOLE time. Drives me bonkers!

    1. Haha, you'd have thought that after 10 years he'd be used to all that!! Baby ;)