Friday, 20 March 2015

Funk, Soul and R&B (Running and Bananas!)

This week I seem to have mostly been eating bananas. Bananas in porridge, with yogurt and granola, mashed and heated through with a square of chocolate, in pancakes, with nut butter and on their own. And I still have a curry recipe I want to try. I came away with a stack of left overs from the race last weekend and my freezer only has so much space. Any more banana recipe suggestions (apart from cake, smoothies and ice-cream) are welcome.
And I already had some in the fruit bowl!
So back to last weekend. I had a bit of an unplanned rest day on Friday. I'd gone to my swim class against better judgement on Thursday, having suffered with a streaming cold all day, and felt better for it but woke up on Friday morning feeling congested and achy. My first thought, as it was 5:30am, was that it was early enough to get a gym session or run in before work. My second thought was that I'd be far better off staying in bed with a cup of tea and some Breaking Bad. I had a chat with my coach scheduled that day and he agreed it was better to take the time off and moved my schedule around so I wasn't tempted to try and play catch up. Better to set something achievable than destroy any confidence gained in the race simulation session the week before.

By Saturday I was feeling up to the day ahead: parkrun, PT client, dog walking and study. A productive day. I had a whale of a time helping out at Cholsey Chase on the Sunday and even managed to drag myself out mid afternoon for a 10 mile training run. I find it so hard to go out at that time but it was a good, solid run and I rewarded myself by spending the rest of the day in my PJs and an over-sized hoodie I've had since Uni.
My "not leaving the house again today" outfit
So apart from Friday, this week's training has been pretty good. Admittedly I skipped my bike session due to lack of time but I managed everything else scheduled. A reasonable strength session, 27 miles run and an early morning swim today. I was so late home and knackered after PT and my run last night that I decided to skip swim class. I know, I know, but running is the bigger priority but actually I got more crawl practice done this morning than I would have done in class.

And the week in general has been fun. We did a beer race at RunFit this week which everyone seemed to enjoy and I've seen some lovely sunrises. I got some new music and a new book through he post, both of which I'd forgotten I'd ordered. Oh and I got asked to be Godmother for my cousin's little girl! I'm so excited about this I only gave a small thought to the race I'll miss for the Christening. That's very unlike me.
This weekend I'm testing out the course for the brand new parkrun that's due to start in Bracknell in April and I'm back at UEL Sports Dock on Sunday for my assessment for my Exercise Referral module, the last in my PT diploma. I'm crossing fingers and toes that I pass because on Monday I'm off on a much anticipated break to Iceland with my mum for a few days, and I'd really rather not have a re-sit hanging over me. With everything else that I've been busy with in the past few weeks I keep forgetting it's so soon. I've not packed yet!

But before all that I'm having a Night Out tonight with Craig Charles as he brings his funk and soul DJ set to Reading! I'm not sure I'm built for nights out anymore but I'll sure as hell be throwing some shapes on that dance floor, for better or worse.

What was your last big Night Out? Has your social life suffered as much as mine thanks to training?

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