Monday, 30 March 2015

Internet Findings : March

Here's a little round up of some of the blogs, articles and other bits and pieces I've enjoyed across the internet this month.

Thankfully I haven't suffered any injuries during my marathon training but I'm keeping this article on the best cross training for runners in the back pocket just in case. There's a lot of training to go for other events yet! And since finding out that training for endurance events could affect my teeth I'm going to be even more careful about the drinks and snacks I consume. Time to practice breathing through my nose a bit more too perhaps.

Anything that encourages people to get active is a good thing in my book. There's a nice discussion about whether workplaces should pay for gym memberships, and some great resources on the NHS site on gym-free workouts.

Ever wondered what it's like to be an athlete? I know I have. Having a coach makes me feel like one sometimes and it's definitely been beneficial. you should absolutely read this article if you're thinking about getting a coach yourself.

For all the benefits of coaching I'm nowhere near this guy's standard. I've been full of admiration for Marathon Man ever since I met him at Equinox24 last year. Here's a great video about what he's doing and why. It's enough to make a person feel truly inadequate but it's important that we don't compare our accomplishments to those of others too often or to judge others by our own standards.

But if you do fancy a challenge how about Will Of Iron, the iron distance triathlon challenge for a good cause? You can take part as an individual or as a team (2-200), at the gym or outdoors, and divvy up the triathlon by sports or by distance. The only rule is that you need to complete your challenge over seven consecutive days and raise a minimum of £250. It's £25 to enter.

When all's said and done though, it's easy to forget that downtime is just as important as being active, especially when you're in the throes of marathon training or life changes. It's ok if you're not doing something every minute of the day. I have to remind myself of this often.

Finally, and for no real reason other than it made me smile... a little article from The Times Letters...

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