Thursday, 16 April 2009

Awaiting confirmation

So the forms got posted last night. All terribly exciting. I may have jumped up and down at the kerbside and made some funny squealing sounds. Can't wait to hear back about whether or not we've got our places. My folks go on holiday middle of next week so hopefully I'll hear just after they've gone, so that I know but I don't make mum worry throughout her entire trip.

Told some very good friends of mine about the plans last night. Their 8 year old got very concerned and gave me a huge hug before I left, uttering the words "Please don't die". That sort of brings it home.

So we had a chat about fund raising last night and are going to start putting out feelers for things today. Got some pretty good ideas which is just as well given the sums we have to raise. There's likely to be an auction, wine tasting, film night, various stalls at various places at various times and we'll be doing things like bag packing at the local supermarkets and running errands. I suspect I'll be making lots of biscuits and cakes to sell and making use of some of my other "talents" for making cards, jewelry and so on. My partner in crime is much more talented at nagging people to give us stuff so we make a good team.

We've set ourselves some targets. By the end of July we want to have reached £1k each, £2k by end of October, £3k by end of December and the last £400 by the time we go or shortly after we get back.

Gym session tonight!

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