Monday, 27 April 2009


Shruti and I had a fantastic day on Sunday shopping for kit. We went round about 4 different camp/trek shops and got loads of advice, tried on lots of boots, learnt lacing techniques and started to get geeky about socks (x-socks - rah). It's very easy to get carried away with this stuff and the totals rack up pretty quickly even for basic kit but it's justifiable. Specialist footwear is something I rarely baulk at paying out for because the comfort and health of your feet is mega important.

We ended up getting fitted at two places (kudos to the lad in Cotswold who had to contend with both of us at once) and although I bought a pair of boots, I'll be taking back at the weekend because it turns out the mens fit is better for me and I ordered those online last night along with a headtorch, towel, mat, softshell trousers, and fleece sleeping bag liner, taking advantage of a 20% discount. On these sums it really helps!

So I currently own a camelbak, pair of zip off trousers and a pair of x-socks. I'll pick up a water bottle, rucksack and maybe another pair of socks at the weekend. I still need a duffle and to check I've got other suitable clothing but I'm pretty much set. The "nice to have" stuff will be going on the birthday list.

Signed myself up for a 10k run at Bluewater on 14th June. It only cost £20 to sign up and you get discount vouchers, a technical t-shirt and some other useful bits and bobs so not only will it give me a training goal but I get kit too :) In a similar theme I'm getting a proper training plan drawn up at the gym tonight. Shruti has a personal trainer so I think she's set there. I'd love to get a new bike and cycle more (mine has the potential to fall apart any moment and isn't worth repairing) but even at £88 from Halfords that's money I probably shouldn't be spending at the mo'.

The saga of changing charity continues and updates are expected tomorrow...

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