Monday, 20 April 2009

Let's start fundraising...

I'm not the best at asking people to part with their hard earned cash, espeically so far in advance of the actual event but Shruti started so I thought I mustn't get left behind. Friends and family are the first targets, colleagues after pay day ;) Only £30 so far but I'm so happy to have even that because it means I'm on the way. You can keep up with how the fund raising's going by checking that box over to the right. 1% of the way... 99% to go.

Printed off the event manual today and discovered I'm going to have to do a fair bit of shopping. Hiking boots on Saturday! The queen of discount that she is, Shruti's found some excellent websites for good value kit so I'll probably be getting a few bits off there.

Went to the gym tonight and will do again tomorrow. Need to start building up leg muscle which is the opposite of what I usually try and achieve, lacking in upper body strength as I do (I just want to be able to beat a boy at arm wrestling one day ;) ). Dance classes will help with flexibility a bit but spare time yoga at home will also help. We're probably going to join a ramblers club too, just to get out on some long walks.

I'm slightly less scared now I've started to raise the money.

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