Friday, 10 April 2009

First step

Ok well the plan to send off our forms last night sort of fell through due to trains not tunring up when they were meant to but we're still confident that we'll get a place if we post them off next week. We've got plans to meet up on Wednesday and have a bit of a brain storming session for our fundraising. I'm only concerned that we'll try to do too much too soon but that's where we work quite well as a duo. I think I end up being the voice of reason!

So last night I went to the gym. First bit of scheduled exercise I'd done in about 3 weeks. I usually have two 45 minute dance classes a week, play badminton and go for a run or a bike ride but none of that's been happening lately for a variety of reasons I don't need to go into here. Anyway I was impressed that I managed to run for about 8 minutes solid on the treadmill. May not sound like much but it gave me some confidence.

My new gym buddy and I are going to go again on Tuesday and I have a whole weekend of wandering around Oxford ahead of me. Even if I didn't have something to train for, I enjoy being active again.

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