Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It started one bored afternoon...

When Shruti and I are bored, we seem to get loads of mad ideas. Admittedly she has more than I do and for what is going to follow in the next 10 months or so, I blame here entirely :)

Her ideas are usually along the lines of setting up various businesses and mine usually involve something that could get me injured like learning to skateboard or getting my motorbike license. So mother, be thankful we chose this one to go ahead with... though I can't vouch the others won't happen at somepoint. In this instance the idea is to trek up Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. It's on the very brink of becoming a reality. We thought about it for approximately a week and now the paperwork's almost all filled out and will go in the post on Thursday.

This is a huge thing and I'm actually quite scared. Not so much about the climb itself, I'm sure I can achieve a level of fitness that allows me to make it but the fundraising has me nervous. We're booking through Action Challenge and need to raise a minimum of £3,400. Each. I think this is almost more of a challenge than the actual climb.

Anyway I've been in touch with the organisers and my chosen charity, Cancer Research, and everyone's really helpful and enthusiastic. It's not in their interests for us to fail.

I've created a Just Giving page and am going to keep this blog so you can keep an eye on my progress etc. I'll share info, training progress, details of what I'm doing in terms of fundraising, donation updates, photos, videos clips and anything else I can think of.

If you fancy donating alreadyjust hop on over to http://www.justgiving.com/vikkiroberts

So this is it:
Event: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Why: Do something amazing for myself and achieve something fantastic for the greater good
When: 26th February 2010 (subject to the booking being accepted)
How much?!: a minimum of £3,400

Oh and if anyone fancies booking me a foot massage and pedicure for around mid March 2010, you may be my best friend forever ;)

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