Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day 9 - All out

WellI've felt the last 36 hours feeling decidely rubbish. I've felt tired and run down beyond belief. I normally get a B12 jab every 10-12 weeks and I'm due but the way I'm feeling seems to be more than just tireness from that. I've been feeling queasy and unsteady and foggy in the head. This sounds like a lot of excuses but I'm not generally one to be beaten or wuss out.

The OH came over about an hour ago ready to go for a run, which would have been great but I think I'd either fall over or throw up.

Bottom line is I've not done anything today and I therefore I guess I'm out of Janathon.


  1. Noooo, you can't let one day, or even 2 beat you. Just be easy on yourself and your be with us all at the end :-)

  2. Oh yes, no quitting after one day. This is a marathon not a sprint!