Monday, 17 January 2011


I've been following the Janathon Bloggers with some interest but haven't really been keeping up with my end of things. I did do parkrun on Saturday which I thoroughly enjoyed. The course is still pretty muddy and slippery but the rain held off and I ran in 28:15. Not a PB but close enough to it to feel happy that my average times are improving despite unruly labradors, head winds and narrow courses.

I gathered up all my 170BPM Audiofuel music and chose a chap who seemed to be running at a good pace and tried to keep feet to the beat and keep up with him. I'm not sure he entirely approved but it really helped me. I wasn't running with my Garmin but there's a particular volunteer who shouts out your times as you approace the halfway point which is dead helpful and meant I knew I could possibly get a PB. I always run the second lap slower though. Steve gave me a shout out mid way as well, claiming that I was getting faster (I might just about believe him now).

They were handing out fliers for the Frimley 10k in April which I'm tempted to sign up for as it seems like a nice little event. Especially as I'm going to be rethinking Tough Guy. Don't ask. I've still got Grim and the Reading half. One year I'd like to do the Chicago half as it falls near my birthday. And the Vegas one would be great as I think I've mentioned before. Not in the same year. Lots of finding pennies to be done before I can think about those.

I've tasked the OH with limiting the amouont of things I sigh up to. In the course of one weekend I talked about swimming lessons, a running club (he wants to join one so why can't I?) and getting back into cycling. There just isn't time for all that PLUS study PLUS actually having a relationship. I just need to spread it out a bit :)

This week's stats!
Weight: 62kg
Fat %: 25
Water %: 54.5
Muscle %:70.8
BMI: 19.5

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