Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Easy does it

I got looked after by the OH on Sunday night, after declaring myself out of Janathon. Lots of water, blankets piled on my on the sofa, soup, DVD and some good quality sleep. I know I'm not going to win one of the prizes for Janathon now as I missed a day (not even a press up, I'm not going to lie. I can't possibly count "wandering around Bath in the morning") but I'm still going to try and do something each day, as much for the weight loss as anything.

Unfortunately I'm not managing too well. It's all excuses of course. I was meant to do a ViPR class (first ever) on Monday night but a meeting seriously overran and I missed it and I was tight on time to make my evening plans so couldn't fit in a run either. I did run yesterday though. The OH has suddenly gotten all keen on running (we were going to go on Sunday) and thought we could run my 2.3 mile route in under 20 minutes so that was the challenge.

Whereas I was the pace setter last time I could barely keep up with him this time, lagging behind almost all the way. If I'd been out on my own I'd have had a walking break or not run so fast. I set off a bit too quickly, a fault of mine if I don't have "feet to the beat". Garmin reported 20.04! So close! But something's still not right with the GPS as it only reckons we ran 1.73miles, and not the 2.3 I know the route to be. It always *used* to record it as more. Anyway, we'll crack it next time.

Need to get over to the gym and sign up to a couple of classes. I'll attack the abs when I get home tonight.

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