Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Mile In Her Shoes

The lovely Nicola gave a talk at the social this week about a new social initiative that she is setting up to inspire homeless women to find their feet through running. A Mile In Her Shoes is looking to pilot the scheme by providing the opportunity for homeless women to run at sessions with a qualified group leader. If you're a runner yourself you'll know just how empowering and beneficial to both body and mind running can be. It's no different for these women. It can be the only time they get to really be themselves, without the worries of food and shelter. Some of the insight Nicola gave into why some women want to run but can't or don't was heart breaking. Imagine the reason you didn't want to run was because you didn't want to get hungry because you couldn't afford more food!
A Mile in Her Shoes

Of course another barrier is kit, specifically shoes. These can be expensive but are ultimately necessary so Nicola is collecting second hand shoes to distribute to the women in the project. I donated a pair on Wednesday and am now reaching out to you to ask if you could consider doing the same. 

If you have a pair of sports trainers you don't wear or need anymore, perhaps that pair that you use at the gym since they wore out for running, please get in touch with either myself or Nicola and we can help you get them to her.

Alternatively, perhaps if you are a sports company or have a connection with a sports company, you would consider donating some brand new pairs? I think this is really great project that deserves our support.

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