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Purition : Wholefood Super-Shake

If you like shakes or smoothies for breakfast and are keen to find something to help you skip those mid morning snacks then you may be interested in Purition. Purition is a shake mix made with real foods, i.e. ones that won't dissolve into liquid. Each serving contains around 20g of protein which comes from whey protein,  nuts and seeds. It can be used as a supplement or a meal replacement, helps to moderate your carb intake, stabilise blood sugar, reduce cravings and ultimately lose weight. There are four varieties (BodyPro, BodySculpt, Superseed and Superseed Smoothie), three flavours (chocolate, pistachio and coconut) it's made in the UK, low GI, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Sounds pretty good and the ingredients list consist entirely of things I can identify - even better!
Serving suggestions
I'm currently taking part in the 6 day Purition challenge which involves having Purition for breakfast for 6 consecutive days. One of the claims it makes is that it will keep you full and satisfied for 4-5 hours so I was keen to test this. I received 6 sachets of BodySculpt to try, two of each flavour and this is how I got on. 

Day 1: I have a peach languishing in the fruit bowl so I decide to try the coconut flavour with skimmed milk and peach. I'm not a fan of coconut things generally. Coconut milk and water are fine but dessicated... ick. However, the flavour was very subtle and the combination worked well. You need to bear in mind that the mix is not designed to dissolve so this is not a smooth smoothie but it was delicious and it really did keep me going until a late lunch and I ate sensible all day.
Coconut blended with milk and peach
Day 2: I read that you can mix this with greek yogurt so I decide to try the chocolate flavour in this way. I used about 150-200g of greek yogurt as it was fairly stiff with less and really enjoyed it. Again I didn't feel the need to snack all morning, but I did have a large lunch which gave me cravings in the afternoon. It's nice to be able to use the mix in different ways, rather than just having it as a drink and I reckon this would work just as well with thinner yogurt.
Chocolate with greek yogurt
Day 3: I decide the way to go with coconut is blended with fruit so I try the second one with half milk, half water and a handful of frozen tropical fruit. This is awesome! I get a little hungry around 11am but a coffee helps and I eat a healthy lunch.
Coconut with milk and tropical fruit
Day 4: Today is a pistachio day. I love pistachio. I just stocked up on a load of pistachio chocolate in France and buy pistachio ice cream whenever I see it as it's not abundant. Anyway, breakfast today is a healthier option of pistachio flavour mixed with 150g of greek yogurt. It is absolutely gorgeous. I could eat it forever. But that would rather defeat the point.

Pistachio and greek yogurt
Day 5: I am up and out way before my usual breakfast time this morning so it's Pistachio Shake on the go. I mix it up in my protein shaker with 250ml semi-skimmed milk but it just doesn't hit the spot today. I think it would have thickened up a bit if I'd had time to leave it standing for a while but in reality I ending drinking a thin milky drink with lots of bits in it. It wasn't at all satisfying and I was snacking by 10am. And I forgot to take a photo - doh!

Day 6: I'm off on holiday today. An early start to catch the Eurostar necessitates another breakfast on the move. I mix up my last sachet of chocolate Purition with 250ml skimmed milk and a pureed apple to have on the train. I'll save the coffee and croissant for another day. This was really tasty and satisfying. It thickened up nicely in the time it took me to get from home to Lille and I didn't eat again until lunchtime.
Chocolate with milk and apple puree. Excuse the photo quality; it was early.
I wasn't aiming to lose any weight with this trial as I'm mid-training and looking to maintain it but I really enjoyed this product and would definitely consider getting some more to have with yogurt now and again. Personally, I think that unless you have time to leave this to thicken or have time to blend it then there are other products that work better as a shake but in general I found it satisfying and delicious, especially with yogurt. My energy levels didn't suffer and I felt a little flatter around the stomach than usual.

Disclaimer: I received 6 sachets of Purition free of charge as part of the challenge in return for blogging about my experience but all opinions are my own.

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