Monday, 9 September 2013

Women’s Running 10k - London

This weekend I ran two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The first was a 10k in Finsbury Park organised by Women's Running magazine. This was the last in a series of three that had taken place across the country in Bristol, Nottingham and London. It cost £25 to enter, which could be considered a little pricey for a 10k, but as it included a goody bag, medal, technical t-shirt and tea and cake for all runners after the event I think it was worth it. If three of you entered together you got your entry fee discounted to about £20.80

The weather was nigh on perfect for the event, alternately sunny and overcast but with the rain holding off for the run itself. The event was easy to get to on public transport although the lack of signs to the park from the tube station saw many runners wandering the streets with smart phones in hand. The race village was quite small with just a baggage tent, tea/coffee van, loos and a couple of stalls but there wasn't a long queue to use the toilets and there was a nice big area for the warm up. I think a stall selling food would have been nice, my dad missed his usual bacon butty. There were a few interviews with members of the Women's Running magazine including Nell McAndrew, and with two ladies from 9bar before a warm up and an introduction to the pacers.
The race started pretty much on time and I didn't experience any over crowding at the start. The course was well marked and marshalled with plenty of points for spectators to cheer the runners on and official photographers at several points. It was a two lap, lightly undulating course which lent itself to possible PBs. I didn't manage one myself but was really pleased to come 178 out of 621 with a time of 58:14.
A nice touch was having our names called out as we came into the finish, that made me smile :) As well as the medal we were handed a bottle of water and a goody bag in a Women's Running branded drawstring bag. All runners could claim a tea or coffee and a delicious banana cake - a lovely touch which made for excellent post-race fuel. The medal was lovely, with the location and date on the ribbon, t-shirts were sized (although I think they come up a little small around the neck) and the goody bag was particularly good containing:
  • Copy of the latest Women's Running magazine
  • 9bar
  • EQ8 drink
  • Halo deoderising wipes
  • Shampoo and conditioner samples from the Body Shop
  • Facial moisturiser
  • Feroglobin iron supplement
  • Pocket pack of tissues
As a first 10k, one for fun, or one to try and get a PB on, I'd recommend looking out for this next year. It's friendly, fun and well organised.


  1. I'm well practiced but I am never going to win anything, not nearly speedy enough! I'm pretty used to race days now but I'm all kinds of nervous about the PruHealth Triathlon on Saturday. It's such a huge event with pros and everything. I'm going to come last.

  2. Hi Viki! Was great to see you on Saturday and well done on the finish time.


    1. Thanks Laura, always a joy to see familiar and friendly faces at races :)