Sunday, 29 September 2013

London Marathon 2014 Ballot Result

So I’m a glutton for punishment and entered the London Marathon ballot just a week after completing it for the first time. I got in on a gold bond place last time and as such had fundraising commitments that were as much of a challenge as the training itself. I vowed that I would only run it again if I got in through the ballot (there’s no way I’d qualify for Good For Age). Although I have run for charity, I prefer not to unless it’s part of a bigger challenge. I run a lot and feel I need to be stretching myself before I ask people to hand over their hard earned pennies and only like to do something big every 2-3 years.

Anyway, I digress. There’s been many a-rumbling on Twitter as people have been getting their ballot result magazines through the post, some jubilant, some disappointed and some relieved. I got my magazine today and am in the disappointed but relieved category. I didn't get in. It's definitely a case of mixed emotions. I'd have loved to have been taken part again, especially alongside some of my friends who got in, but I don't have to put in the training again, on the dark nights and cold mornings.

I've got the Bournemouth marathon at the end of this week and training for it has been hard, mainly due to having to juggle other commitments, and although right now I don't want to contemplate running the distance again I know I'll get that feeling of invincibility afterwards. In fact I've already looked to see if I can get in to Brighton non-charity (a friend is running that too). I know I could get in to Edinburgh but I don't fancy that one somehow.

So, anyway, le sigh. Now seems like a good time to give some thought to what my new fitness goals are. Keep half marathon fit? Improve my speed? Try for a sub 25 minute 5km? Food for thought. Ultra running can keep for now... What I do want to do is get involved in volunteering at the VLM next year. Anyone got any leads on how to do that?


  1. Good luck with the marathon this week, you have come sooo far!! xxx

  2. Thank you honey... I'll get round at the very least :) I can't quite believe I'm a triathlete and marathon runner... all be it not a very fast one :)