Sunday, 1 September 2013

Blackberries, Glowsticks and Failings

Ah, another week whooshes past... My break in France was lovely although I ate and drank FAR too much (to the point I felt uncomfortable) and probably didn't run enough. That said I did do some running; a 4.5 miler plus two interval sessions on a cycle path that ran between a stream and the sweetcorn fields in the beautiful rural area in the Loire Valley I was staying in. It helped. Much as I enjoyed it out there it's been lovely to be home, eating a little less and coming up with new ways to use my fresh herbs. I had a lovely gratin in France which I may share with you soon. I forgot to take a picture when I made it during the week. I'm currently helping mum deal with a surplus of tomatoes and apples and I seem unable to stop picking blackberries...
A productive lunchbreak
I got back on Tuesday night but had Wednesday off as I was due to have a JetLev experience in the afternoon. There was a bit of a mix up in that the company stopped operating in my local area and now only run in London, but no one had bothered to let me know so I have to sort out a refund/reschedule in the coming week. Annoying as I was really looking forward to it, but it's just one of those things. I got rid of any frustration during a PT session at the gym.

It's actually been a really lovely week of seeing people. I saw J for a PT session on Wednesday (yes double PT - roar!) and a friend I used to work with dropped by for tea on Thursday before I headed out on a 6 mile run. I'd dropped the hard edge of my bosu ball on my foot on Wednesday night and was limping all day Thursday so wasn't sure I'd be able to run. Thankfully it cleared up and I managed a great fast run without music.

Friday morning I managed a brick session of half hour swim and half hour cycle before work which was ace. I saw a lot of Anita this week, having had lunch on Wednesday then having her over for dinner on Friday before going glowstick paddling at Dinton Pastures with @amerbob and another friend. It was so much fun! We got kitted out with glowsticks before being set adrift in canoes on the lake after dark for a 90 minute semi-guided paddle. There was a fair bit of drifting, looking for bats and stars and a great deal of hilarity at the expense of the fishermen who kept shining lights at us and shouting at us to get away. Best Friday night I'd had in ages.
Bit of a late one and I was up again bright and early on Saturday to join @amerbob again for a 10 mile run with some friends. It was a lovely scenic run, featuring views, fields, planking and pilfered blackberries. I'd intended to tack another 8 miles on afterwards but my mojo got lost between there and home. I've not made up the miles and I'm burying the guilt. Yes I know, I'm only cheating myself. I will achieve all my sessions next week and I WILL get an 18 and a 20 miler in before the marathon. If it kills me. Which it might.
Haybale planking
This coming week I've got the Lunges and Lycra social to look forward to as well as the Women's Running 10k and Run to the Beat half marathon. Lots of logistics to plan but I'm exceedingly excited. There's a whole host of race reports in the pipeline!


  1. Woo hoo! You're so busy, I'm honoured that you managed to squeeze me in twice in one week! Lovely to see you and to meet your wonderful friends x

  2. Aw it was a real joy. I wish I could socialise with you more. I'll be pleased when this month of busy-ness is over and I can see people a little more often! It was so cool to run with you and Anna and meet Lee and Claire. Such awesome peeps.