Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bored with Long Distance?

Try Ultra Distance. This seems to be a collection of challenges in the UK. Not content with climbing Pen Y Fan? Then try a route incorporating 31 peaks and 72 miles in 24 hours. The guidelines for ultra challenges are that they have to be at least 35 miles with at least 6000' of ascent where 90% is off road and is mostly mountain, moor or fell preferably with sections off paths.

Now I'm not going to be attempting anything like this any time soon but it's good to know there are things like this out there. Check out the website for full details of craziness.


  1. Hey,

    Well done on your Kili attempt. I think you made the right decision - better to keep your health. And you still have all those fantastic memories, which will last forever and may inspire you to attempt it again!

    When I was training for the London Marathon, I kept looking for "the next challenge" (obviously not content with simply focussing on the one at hand). Any penny, I came across this ultra-marathon which I'd love to have a go at, if my knees permit. This years route is 89km and there's a 12 hour time limit - I heard that the first person *not* to finish (within the time) is celebrated just as much as the winner!

  2. Thanks Pete. It's taken a while but I am at peace with my decision now. I think I will go back one day, to return the stone I "borrowed" if nothing else ;)

    I'm always looking for the next adventure/challenge too. Glad i'm not alone in that! Wowzers, that ultramarathon looks incredible. Well if I manage to complete a marathon in a decent time I may well sign up for something like that. It's so hard to rest as I should be doing at the moment though.