Monday, 22 March 2010

Weekend Findings

Spring is definitely in the air and the weather's getting better by the week which only makes me want to get out more, even if it's a short bike ride to the local playing field to sit in the sun with a book. The weather was good for the British Leisure Show on Sunday; blue skies and sunshine. Although not quite as big as I'd imagined there was certainly loads to check out. I watched the mountain boarders putting on a show, had a go on a coolboard (balance board), picked up the usual stack of free magazines and leaflets and nosed around the camping area choosing my next tent (I'm favouring the Vango Green Bean or Green Leaf from their new eco range).

Mountain Boarding is something I'm keen to have a go at so I'll be checking out the ATBAUK website in a bit more detail. There's a place literally up the road from me that does it but it's only open to "youths". Another company I'm interested in now is Camp In A V Dub who hire out VW camper vans. They're based pretty close by so collecting the camper would be easy. I'm feeling a road trip coming on! Something else that would be lovely to do in the summer months is kayaking on the Thames . And what do you know, there's a company that can arrange that for you! I could have tried scuba diving, kayaking, water orbing and quad biking if I'd felt so inclined. I could also have paid £25 to bungee jump but the thought of it made me feel a bit sick.

I watched Eddie Iz Running over the weekend and found it hugely inspiring and a little emotional in places. It's things like this that make me wonder what I'm capable of. Of course I'm not about to try and do the same thing. I imagine that without the sizable support team he had I'd find it even harder. But you never know. Probably best to start off with just the one marathon eh? The Million Pound Bike Ride was also impressive, not least because I realised how out of practice I am on Sunday.

This week will be my last climbing lesson. I've found out that I'll be returning to Berkshire from Wales, where I've spent my working time for the last 6 months, in just over a month. This means I'm on the look out for place to do the activities I was starting to get into in Cardiff. The local college has a climbing wall but I think it's limited. There's a new climbing centre opening in Reading in July though so I look forward to that. I'd like to get back into swimming, seeing as I've got a pool membership, and maybe start regular 5km runs with ParkRun on Saturday mornings. Then there's the free gym at work to make use of. Hurrah! Sadly I think Parkour's off the cards for the time being.

The knee's been feling a lot better since I went climbing last week but I've got a doctors appointment on Friday to see if Physio is an option. Would be nice to not have to worry about it one day. Oh and it's week two of the 100 pressups challenge. I managed to complete week one's schedule ok so I'm hopeful!

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