Monday, 8 March 2010

Kilimanjaro Diary - Day 1 & 2

I think the best way to tell you about Kili is to do it diary-style with bits of video and photos thrown in. The whole set of photos are on facebook but I know some people don't "do" facebook so I thought there's no harm in putting the best up here too. So let's start at the beginning.

Day one is actually day one and two I guess. It started with a breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers and packing the last minute things.

My parents arrived at about 11am with a bottle of bubbly which we cracked open after a nice lunch at the local deli. Suitably tipsy I was driven to Heathrow with approximately 25 kilos of lugguage to find the rest of the group and check in. It was relatively easy to spot the group, just looked for the people with huge rucksacks and walking boots on. It was a little overwhelming because I didn't really know anyone but I soon spotted Donna and Claire. Tickets collected, bags dropped, hugs from Mum and Dad and I was off through security control. Eventually, after sitting on the plane for nigh on an hour we were off. At least I had a window seat. I soon got to know some of the people I was travelling with, Phil and James who were sat next to me, for instance.

We arrived at Kenya airport just in time to catch our connecting flight to Kilimanjaro International from where we got a shuttle bus to the Protea Hotel. After a complimentary fruit juice and being assigned room/tent buddies we were out by the pool and then being introduced properly to the leaders and talked through what we should and shouldn't be taking up the mountain. Once we'd decided that we didn't need 3 pairs of trainers and that unfortunately that bottle of shower gel was going to be a bit useless it was time to chill out and explore. My roomie, Kelly, and I went to explore out the back of the hotel where there was a river. We met a few of the local kids and saw coffee growing!

After a group dinner it was time for bed and dreams (or nightmares) of what was to come...

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