Friday, 11 June 2010

Juneathon Day 11 - Stacked It

Well true to my work I went for a bike ride today. It ended up being later than usual because I was feeling lazy and had become rather engrossed in building a website. Still I went out about 7.30pm intending to just do a couple of miles but my legs felt really strong and it was a gorgeous evening so I just kept going. I decided to explore a path I'd ridden part of before and ended up almost lost. On my way back I managed to graze a kerb instead of mounting it and ended up getting rather friendly with the pavement. I grazed my hands, elbow, shoulder (?) and bruised my hip and bent my keys which were in my pocket, ripping my jeans in the process. You can see the state of my knees below...

Yes, that was through denim and they are rather sore. I'm hoping the soreness goes away by Sunday. Somehow it's made me even more determined to get a good time. A nice couple came out of their house to check I was ok and a passing cyclist put my chain back on for me.

In total I rode about 10 miles and didn't feel worn out at all! I only came home to clean up and get some food, otherwise I reckon I could have been out there all night :) I've also done 40 pressups and 100 sit ups. I will up the ante after the race 'cause I appear to have challenged someone to complete the Tough Guy Nettle Warrior next year and I reckon it's going to take me some time to achieve the fitness level I want. Quite excited!

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