Sunday, 20 June 2010

Juneathon Day 20 - Lazy Sunday Afternoons

It has been a glorious day. Stayed up far too late at the festival last night so didn't manage to summon enough energy to get out for my run before breakfast but instead revived something I've not done in ages which was yoga. I used to love doing yoga and would go to classes at least once a week. In fact it's something I should probably try and bring back in on a regular basis as it's great for stretching out the muscles and improving flexibility, which thanks to my increased running habit has suffered terribly these past few months.

So I did several rounds of salute to the sun, some hunter poses, downward dogs (almost heels to floor), cobras and several other poses whose names I've forgotten. I threw in some pressups (20), tricep dips (20) and glute work for good measure too. It was really invigorating. I'm sort of glad it was the last day of festival today because it's been so difficult to fit in exercise, I'm looking forward to getting back to everyday life and more scheduled fitness.

A few less donuts and cream teas will help too!

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