Friday, 18 June 2010

Juneathon Day 18 - Field Work

Well despite being fuelled up on bubbly, cheese and half a box of chocolates I managed to do a 2 mile run around some of the emptier fields at the festival. I have to say my heart wasn't really in it and running on stubble was hard work but I didn't stray too far below my race pace (which probably means I should try to up my race pace). I think we're out of bubbles now so tomorrow might be easier.

I did do some wandering around the shops today but I don't think that counts, even if it did include a visit to the Adidas outlet store and the procurement of a couple of new zip through tops and a new vest. Yum!

I'm feeling pretty fat now so when the festival is over it's onto a low fat, veg heavy diet. I'd like to stay a size 10!

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