Thursday, 3 June 2010

Juneathon Day 3 - with added Physio!

So this morning I had my physio session with Neil. I didn't 'fess up to the lack of stretches but seeing as he was pleased with my progress it didn't seem to matter. He's given me an upgrade to the "£50 note" exercise which now involves a one legged squat whilst tensing the muscles. It's tough but more from a balance point of view. I'm yet to feel the burn. He threatened to give my another upgrade to the exercise in a fortnight and provided there isn't too much damage after the race there'll probably only be one more session. I'm a little saddened by this, I like our chats.

I mentioned my 10k race and he gave me some advice on training in the last 10 days. He's involved in the Yately 10k series and put me to shame by saying that he managed it in 38.30... 15 years ago! Ah men are generally faster anyway. I'm now sorely tempted to enter one if not both of the remaining Yateley dates... Would that be wrong?

So tonight I tried out AudioFuel's Pyramid training scheme. I've never done this kind of stuff in the past which is probably why I've never progressed in the way I'd have liked. It's not a really long session but it's really wearing. My thighs really ached at the end of it and I didn't even manage to sprint the whole thing. I did get some really funny looks from people though. I think they wondered what I'd stolen!

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