Tuesday, 1 June 2010

May was too quick for me

I didn't realise it'd been so long since I last blogged. I dunno I stop paying attention for a few moments and... there it went. Now all of a sudden it's June and things are looming.

Well even though I've been quiet on here I've certainly not been taking it easy. I've not been mountain biking so much but I've done several early morning gym sessions, a few runs on the road and a couple of core classes. The physio exercises were certainly working, but then the bank holiday weekend arrived and I spent 5 days camping and raving in a field which sort of scuppered things a bit. Hence it feels as though I've not done any exercise for ages. The raving brought on a bit of pain in my right shin and knee and my limbs are quite stiff again but I'm back on to the stretches with a vengance now.

Neil gave me a new stretch the last time I went called the "£50 note" exercise. It involves standing on my right leg with the left pressing slightly against a wall or bit of furniture, then, *ahem*, clenching as if I'm trying to hold on to a £50 note. My glutes are rubbish. I'm full of determination to be dedicated and do everything I can to improve. Encountering a fellow fitness freak at the weekend might have something to do with this.

In less than two weeks I run the Bluewater 10k. My race pack was waiting for me when I got home which was a proper reality check. This year the t-shirt is white. I'm really excited now but even so I'm still having to stop myself from signing up to other eventsd close to that date such as the Forest Five in Swinley Forest the Wednesday following the Bluewater 10k. It's been raining almost all day so my plan to go for a run tonight is in jeopardy right now. However I plan to take part in Juneathon in a bid to add a bit of motivation.

In essence it’s a month of exercise. Running, cycling, walking, rowing, weights, whatever. The aim is to just do something every day in June. I plan to start tonight with a run or some core work and then continue tomorrow with another run or a bike ride. Maybe after a week of this and some sensible eating (I've been neglecting that somewhat) I'll be brave enough to book in for my body fat percentage test!

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