Monday, 21 June 2010

Juneathon Day 21 - Not A Very Manic Monday

Today was a beautiful day, sunny, warm, and the longest one of the year to boot! It was too warm to go running when I first got back so I did half an hour of hula hooping in the garden whilst listening to some of the new music I bought at the festival. Then I did a lot of lying around but this evening I biked up to the allotment (about a mile away) and then when I'd almost worn myself out with watering plants (those watering cans are heavy you know), I went for a longer bike ride home, about 4 miles in the glorious sunshine. I would have stayed out longer but it was 8:45 and I'd not eaten since midday so I was quite keen to get back and eat food.

I still have excess energy. All this exercise (allbeit small amounts each day) is really giving me new levels of energy and while it's hard to do a bit every day, it would be even harder if I pushed myself to the max every day so I think it's good I'm doing little and often (and then lots infrequently).


  1. I like your blog... You have the right idea about doing little and often for Juneathon - I nearly killed myself the first few days, then copped on.

  2. Thanks, it's nice to know it's being read :) Yeah I can't do silly amounts every day, I mean I'd do myself in but also, time's a factor :S