Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Juneathon Day 9 - Last Run Through

Despite best efforts to cause my muscles more discomfort, last night's Swissball session, although tiring, hasn't crippled me as anticipated so I had no excuse but to go into work.

I went for a 2 mile run tonight which didn't really feel like too much work but I guess I need to take it easy in view of the race on Sunday. I haven't managed to fit in a 6 miler in my training. Thanks to the physio (which really does seem to be doing the trick) I've not run as much as I normally would in preparation but I know I'm capable of the distance so if I don't wear myself out too much before hand and the weather predictions stay true to the current promise of "not too hot" then I stand a fighting chance of equalling or beating my PB from last year. Of course I might not manage it and so I'll have to try not to get too disapointed if that happens.

I was having a read of the Frimley Lodge ParkRun website and saw I got a mention in the news post for last week. I really did enjoy it even if I got a rubbish time. I would love to go back this Saturday and run again but it wouldn't be sensible. I won't be able to make it now until 3rd July but plenty of opportunity after that so I'll just have to exercise my patience insteadof my legs.

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