Sunday, 27 June 2010

Juneathon Day 27 - Freedom Run

Today was another beautiful day, well up into the 30's and barely a cloud in the sky. Therefore it wasn't until 8pm when the temperature had dropped to a mere 27 degrees that I got over to Frimley Lodge Park and did my freedom run that I'd planned to do since getting that competitive feeling yesterday. I'd previously been up to my allotment in my sports kit to water everything so I ended up with shoes full of dust and dirt which I had to brush off and empty out before running. There's few things more uncomfortable than running with shoes full of grit.

So I completed the course in 27:23 (although my Garmin recorded the distance as 5.29km). My average pace was 8:20 /mi which is probably my fastest yet since recording my runs. Let's hope I can maintain it. Once again I recovered quickly and feel like it's not my legs that are the issue but the upper body, breathing and general lethargy. Hmmm.

I bought Runner's World and Women's Running today. Looking forward to reading those! Is that sad? Probably just a bit. Only 3 more days of Juneathon... phew.

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