Monday, 14 June 2010

Juneathon Day 14 - Hula hula

Today I signed up for the Thames 10k on 7th July and have a plan to go do the Forest 5 on Wednesday. I'm also signed up for a swissball class tomorrow. I very nearly didn't do anything this evening. I hadn't taken my gym kit to work as I couldn't get in early or stay late and then it started raining and didn't realy stop. I wasn't feeling motivated enough to go running or riding in the rain and I'd left it too late to go climbing (which I'd forgotten was even an option!). I had to pack for the festival I'm going to at the weekend, which is going to present me with even more difficulties for Juneathon both in terms of exercising and blogging and suddenly it was 9pm. So in keeping with remembering alternative ways of exercising I broke out the weighted hula hoop and hula-ed my way to a trimmer waist for 30 minutes, followed by 30 pressups, 100 crunches, 20 tricep dips and some glute work. Feel the burn!

My bruise has suddenly become dramatically rainbow coloured and doubled in size which is both fascinating and slightly more uncomfortable but it'll only get better from here... I hope!!

So tomorrow it's swiss ball and then helping Shruti pack for her trip to Kili. I'm so excited for her. I heard from the guy who also had to drop out on summit night who is thinking about going back and has asked if I'd like to go too. I'm very tempted, as long as I can get the funds together. No sponsorship this time.

I got to see the photos from yesterday, both official and un official :) My fave taken by my parents is below. I thought I was thinner than that, damn my sweet tooth!

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