Sunday, 13 June 2010

Juneathon Day 13 - Bluewater & Bounce

Well I've just got back from doing the Sweatshop Bluewater 10k. We almost didn't make it, we all woke up late and then during it's charge my iPod decided to delete my running playlist so it was a mad panic in the car to assemble something. Luckily all my fave tracks were still on there. I'm happy to say I completed it in 1:00:40 (according to my Garmin) which is a new PB and enough for me to be happy but not enough for me to write next year's event off... I'm still searching for a proper sub-hour.

The event wasn't quite as well organised as last year. The warm up was non-existant but there were a couple of local bands playing en route which was ace. My favourite part was the steel band playing the Match Of The Day theme on the way to the start. The weather was perfect, overcast and cool. And I'm not too worn out so I'm considering signing up for another event on Monday (not to do one on Monday, just putting my name down).

In fact my legs dont' feel tired or achey at all. It always seems to be my shoulders that ache and my upper body in general that stops the lower half doing it's thing... I wish I knew what to do about that. But for now since I've tallied up my spoils (1 gooy bag, 1 medal, 9 lucozade lites and 12 lucozade powders) it's time to kick back with the Sunday papers and the laterst Triathlete's World until it's time for Bon Jovi at the O2 later.

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